Editor-in-Chief’s Letter

Hina P. Ansari

The ANOKHI POWER List 2018

There is nothing quite like the thrill of
discovering something. Whether it’s a forgotten scarf tucked away in the back
of your wardrobe, an old LP that you swore you gave to Goodwill and, of course,
who can argue with that unrivalled thrill of discovering a $20 bill in your
coat pocket.

That spirit of discovery is why I always
look forward to this time of year — when we start putting together the ANOKHI List. We sit down and, with a
fresh blank slate, we start building.

But first we must gather. We gather
stories, names and histories. We collect from our readers, who earnestly submit
their nominations. We collect from our friends, who are always at the ready
with their recommendations. And, of course, our newsfeeds never disappoint. And
all the while we are discovering. Discovering new tales, new journeys, new
sources of inspiration.

Bit by bit we start the assembly. The
build. Name by name and story by story. And just like clockwork we close out another
year with another wonderful discovery: a brand new list.

This year, however, we felt it was time to
do something totally different. Because of our own benchmark.  

There are certain benchmarks in life that
are worth celebrating for various reasons. When it came to recognizing our 15th
anniversary, we thought about the early days of ANOKHI, the various stages of evolution the company went through,
and where we are now. When we started looking at the overall span of the 15
years, we quickly realized that this is similar to the track someone’s career development
usually takes; experiencing similar peaks and valleys with comparable moments
of despair and elation. And the journey through the darkness into the light is

And that is where we are now. We wanted to
celebrate the power of resilience. The power of sticking to it. The power of
breaking barriers. The power to motivate others. The power to empower.

And that’s why, this year, to commemorate
our 15 years, we bring forth The ANOKHI
Power List 2018
. After a year-long process, we narrowed our collection to
50 global South Asians who have achieved their own historical benchmarks.

While going through each person’s journey
we continued our own odyssey of discovery. There were surprises, moments of
actual shock, and plenty of reminders. And that is something we couldn’t wait
to share with you all.

So, with The ANOKHI POWER List 2018, we want to give you the luxury of discovery, of being inspired and being empowered.

I would like to thank the The ANOKHI POWER List 2018  editorial team and writers:

Copy Editor and Fact Checker:                                                                            Sophie Tolias 

Marriska Fernandes
Devika Goberdhan
Farah Khan
Rosemina Nazarali
Parul Pandya
Rachna Sethi
Sophie Tolias

Hina P. Ansari
Editor-In-Chief The ANOKHI POWER List 2018

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